Collaborating with BioJeL on a research project

Promoting scientific research on genetic mental deficiencies

BioJeL offers the scientific community access to its collections.
Access to samples and their associated data is granted under certain conditions. Requests for collaboration are submitted to Biojel Scientific Board which validates their adequacy with its activities.

Most of the projects concern trisomy 21 and associated comorbid conditions

BioJeL is associated with several projects:

Opportunities, barriers, and recommendations in down syndrome research
Translational Science of Rare Disease
J. A. Hendrix, A. Amon, L. Abbeduto, S. Agiovlasitis, T. Alsaied, H. A. Anderson, L. J. Bain, N. Baumer, A. Bhattacharyya, D. Bogunovic, K. N. Botteron, G. Capone, P. Chandan, I. Chase, B. Chicoine, C. Cieuta-Walti, L. R. DeRuisseau, S. Durand, A. Esbensen, J. Fortea, S. Gimenez, A.-C. Granholm, L. J. Hahn, E. Head, H. Hillerstrom, L. M. Jacola, M. P. Janicki, J. M. Jasien, A. R. Kamer, R. D. Kent, B. Khor, J. B. Lawrence, C. Lemonnier, A. Feldman Lewanda, W. Mobley, P. E. Moore, L. Pollak Nelson, N. M. Oreskovic, R. S. Osorio, D. Patterson, S. A. Rasmussen, R. H. Reeves, N. Roizen, S. Santoro, S. L. Sherman, N. Talib, I. E. Tapia, K. M. Walsh, S. F. Warren, A. N. White, G. William Wong and J. S. Yi

Efficacy and safety of methylphenidate on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children with Down syndrome
Journal of intellectual Disability Research, 21 February 2021
M. Roche, C. Mircher, J. Toulas, E. Prioux, M. Conte, A. Ravel, S. Falquero, A. Labidi, S. Stora, S. Durand, A. Mégarbané & C. Cieuta-Walti