Quality Commitment

NF S96-900 standard certification

In order to ensure the quality of our biobank to the international scientific community, the CRB-Biojel meets the quality criteria of the NF S96-900 standard:

  • Ensuring traceability and quality of the samples that are available,
  • Controlling the risks that are related to the biobanking activity thanks to reliable processes;
  • Facilitating exchanges with other biobanks by using the same methods.

BioJeL has been certified since September 2011.

The current certificate bears the number 171075/1379F and was issued by Euro-Quality System France on September 23, 2020 (Initial certification date: October 18, 2017)

The quality insurance policy of BioJeL is as follows :

  • Provide biological resources that meet stakeholder and regulatory requirements ;
  • Ensure responsible use of data associated with samples in accordance with the general data protection regulations ;
  • To optimize the use of biological resources and the orientation of samples;
  • To ensure the use of biological resources in the framework of national and international research;
  • To continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of the quality management system;
  • To develop communication tools to provide the most appropriate information on the activities of our BRC to all interested parties.

These lines respond to a continuous concern for the safety and quality of the samples, the safety of the professionals involved and the response to the standard requirements.

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