Commitment to quality

NF S96-900 certification

BioJeL has attained NF S96-900 certification,
to ensure that our biobank meets the quality standards required by the scientific community:

  • To ensure the traceability and quality of the samples proposed, and to meet the requirements of stakeholders;
  • To control risks related to the biobanking activity through reliable processes;
  • To facilitate exchanges with other biobanks using the same methods.

BioJeL has been certified since September 2011.

The current certificate, bearing the number 171075/1379F, was delivered by Euro-Quality System France on October 18, 2017.

The quality assurance policy of BioJeL is deployed according to the following principles:

  • Long-term maintenance of the quality management system according to the NF S96-900 standard;
  • Monitoring of the requirements of interested parties (better follow-up of users, traceability of the time required to validate cessions and of the rate of renewal of requests, revision of the internal rules of the Scientific Board);
  • Implementation of the sampling policy;
  • Improvement of internal communication (interfacing of DPI/biobank management software, with the restructuring of collections, use of COPIL BioJeL);
  • Harmonization of professional practices to promote collaboration between biobanks;
  • Identification of partners (network development).

By adhering to these principles, we address permanent concerns relating to the safety and quality of samples, the safety of those working with them, and the requirements of the NF S96-900 certification.

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